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Organic Walnut

Natura-Nuts organic walnuts are 100% Californian Chandler breed. Chandler walnuts were first developed as a new breed by the University of California in 1979. Chandler Walnuts are named after W.H. Chandler, professor of pomology at U.C. Davis.
Chandler walnuts make up 40% of California’s walnut production thanks to their appearence and taste as well as their production advantages. Chandler walnuts are currently grown in many countries throughout the world.

The Chandler walnut is large, smooth and oval shaped with a good shell seal. As a result, the inshell walnut does not come into contact with the soil, thus providing cleaner kernels.
Natura-Nuts organic walnuts are grown in accordance with EU and US standards with the aim of producing premium quality walnuts.
Natura-Nuts organic walnuts are certificated by Eco-Cert.

Chandler Walnut's Characteristics

Shell: Thin Colour: 90% ranging from very light to light. Flavour: Mild & delicious Inshell Walnut Yield: 48-51 %

Organic Almond

Natura-Nuts organic almonds are the Ferragnes breed. Organic almond production involves 1000 almond trees, whereby we use the same criteria as for organic walnuts.


Sales Channels
Walnuts and almonds will be put on both internal and external markets.
You can contact our company through this web site to receive an offer for your specific requirements.

Product units put on markets and packaging
All products will be put on the market in 10-20 kg plastic lined cardboard boxes.

Products will be vacuumed in order to keep them fresh for a long time.

If requested, protective gas will be input into the plastic bags before they are sealed.